BearScat 50, June 5, 2011


Event Field Limit - 200 Total for all Categories
Open Men50 miles9:00 AM$60Cash/Medals
Men 45 +50 miles9:00 AM$60Cash/Medals
Singlespeed Open50 miles9:00 AM$60Cash/Medals
Women Open50 miles9:00 AM$60Cash/Medals
New event for 2011 will be the Bearscat 50 presented by Black Bear Cycling to be held at Wawayanda State Park, Hewitt, NJ. This race will have a Field Limit of 200 Riders. No Annual USAC License Required.

The race will be held on Sunday, June 5, 2011 and will consist of 2 x 25 mile laps for a total of 50 miles of mixed singletrack, double track and fire roads covering some of the best riding in Northern New Jersey. Many have seen a small portion of the park in our annual Wawayanda Spring Cleaning race held every May. You can take in that race in May 2011 also to get a preview of some of the trails you will be seeing but for this race you will see a whole lot more of the park.

Course may be altered from original plan in the event of weather or other uncontrollable conditions.

Entry Fee includes race fee, event specific item, post event food.

Pre-registration only. There will be NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION.
Racer check-in & registration7:30 - 8:30 am
Racer meeting (MANDATORY)8:40 am
Staging8:50 am
Race start9:00 am
Post race food2:00 pm
1 serving per person

Please note that if you arrive at 8 AM or after the morning of the race you will have to pay the Park Entry Fee of $10 per vehicle.

There will be an Aid Station at Mile 13 and one at the lap turn at mile 25 so you will again come through the first aid station at mile 38.

The Aid Station will have water, Heed, Gatorade, salty food, figs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and some bananas.

We will transport a drop bag for you : 1- 1 gallon zip lock bag (we will provide it)

There will be a lap time cut-off. If you do not reach the finish of your first lap in 4 HOURS you will be asked to pack it in for the day. ANOTHER CUTOFF TIME WILL BE AT THE AID STATION AT MILE 38 THIS WILL BE ANNOUNCED THE DAY OF THE EVENT. Please note the cutoff times are for everyones safety.

We are working on reserving the campsites at the Park. More details on this to follow.

  1. Racers shall complete the entire event, and complete it on the same bicycle upon which the event was begun.
  2. All repairs during the event shall be performed by the individual racer only. No outside help or assistance is permitted.
  3. All spare parts and tools shall be carried by the individual racer (cannibalizing other bikes is not permitted).
  4. Racers riding bikes have the right of way over racers walking bikes. BUT, YOU MUST WARN RACERS THAT YOU ARE APPROACHING THEM AND STATE WHICH SIDE YOU ARE ABOUT TO PASS THEM ON. When practical, bikers walking bikes should stay on the least redeemable section of the course, when being passed.
  5. Short-cutting and/or cutting trail switchbacks shall result in disqualification.
  6. Unsportsmanlike behavior and/or the use of profane language are grounds for warning, relegation, or disqualification. The penalty imposed shall be determined by the race director.
  7. All local laws, rules and ordinances shall be observed during the participation in the Bearscat 50 event.
  8. Protests can be made by any registered participant of the Bearscat 50. The participant shall file the protest in writing with the Race Director or race official if the RD is not available. The protest period is immediately following the race and up to 15 minutes following the posting of the complete results for his/her class.
  9. The Bearscat 50 Race Director will make the final decision regarding any occurrence during the event.
  10. No headphones or other devices that may prevent you from hearing cars, mt bikers, runners, etc. will be permitted while participating in this event.