BYLAWS for BLACK BEAR CYCLING, a NJ Nonprofit Corporation

The name to be used by this organization is "Black Bear Cycling".

Black Bear Cycling is founded on the principles of cycling advocacy and safety, conservation of trail systems and natural resources, and volunteerism within our communities.

Through organized and purposeful activities, Black Bear Cycling will achieve its mission by focusing on serving its members and the bicycling public with organized bicycling of all sorts, including touring events of short, medium and long distances, racing, educational events, cycling advocacy and junior cycling development. The organization shall promote safe, responsible cycling for sport and recreation, and shall work towards the education and awareness of the public with regard to cyclists and cycling-related activities.

Key strategies that Black Bear Cycling will employ to meet its mission and objectives are aligned with those of the Jersey Off-Road Bicycling Association (JORBA) and the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). These include:

  1. Promoting cycling access to parks and open space
  2. Educating cyclists of all levels, with a focus on cycling safety and resource sustainability
  3. Organizing volunteer work groups for the conservation, development, and maintenance of trail resources
  4. Developing key partnerships with public land managers and other open space/ conservancy organizations with similar objectives to that of Black Bear Cycling
  5. Act as a resource to parks and recreational land management partners for trail use and advocacy programs.
Membership is available to all persons 18 years of age or older who pay the appropriate dues. Dues are $60 per individual for the first year and $30 per year thereafter. Included in the initiation dues will be a club jersey. Dues are payable on the first of January. Any member who joins after August 31st will not be subject to the following year's membership renewal fee. All persons less than 18 years of age will pay two-thirds the normal rate as stated above. Each new or renewal member must execute a signed waiver of liability. Special consideration for membership will be allowed for persons less than 18 years of age who have been recommended by an adult club member (over 18) and who have parental consent. Application for membership by this person, the parent or guardian, and the sponsoring club member shall be subject to the final decision of the executive committee.

The above are the only requirements for obtaining membership. In order to ensure the safety of club members and to maintain the safety standards expected of a cycling club, the following guidelines will be enforced:

  1. All persons accept membership with the intentions of operating a bicycle in accordance with the New Jersey Traffic Control Law and all applicable local laws.
  2. Members are required to wear a bicycle helmet during all organized club rides.
  3. In order to participate in organized club rides, all members are required to properly maintain their bicycle in safe operational order with the necessary safety equipment for the type of riding, i.e. working brakes, safe steering, good tires and wheels, etc.
  4. Members can be prohibited from organized club rides at the discretion of the ride leader for safety hazards or lack of safety equipment which would endanger the cyclists involved, i.e. brakes, steering, wheels or tires, bicycle helmets, sufficient hydration fluids, lights (where required), etc.
  5. Members can be prohibited from organized club rides at the discretion of the ride leader for unsafe riding techniques and/or flagrant disregard for the New Jersey Traffic Control Law and/or the rights and safety of others.
  6. Non-members and guests who wish to participate in an organized club ride shall be required to adhere to these bylaws as though they were members. The ride leader shall be responsible for ensuring adherence to the provisions listed above.
  7. The bylaws will be made available to all members and the public via the club's website. If any member is unable to obtain access to the bylaws via this method, a request may be made to the club secretary for a printed copy.
Club membership and participation in BBC events entitles you to the following benefits:
  1. Coordinated group rides, social events, and the chance to meet new people to share the cycling experience
  2. Payment of your first year membership dues includes a club jersey
  3. 10% off of parts, clothing and accessories at Sussex Bike & Sport
  4. Completing 10 hours of volunteer service* makes you eligible to receive:
    1. 15% off of a new bicycle at Sussex Bike & Sport
    2. 15% off of future club clothing purchases (up to a $300 order)
*Volunteer hours are defined as helping at a Race, Trail Maintenance, Ride Leader
Volunteer hours must be submitted to the executive committee to obtain these benefits.

Dues collected from members, donations, and funds raised by the club and its members shall be the only sources of revenue for the organization. These revenues will be expended for the benefit of all or a majority of the membership and will not be disbursed for the benefit of any private member. The executive committee will have the authority to disburse funds for appropriate activities and functions, including but not limited to: charitable donations, organized rides and events, newsletters, etc. The executive committee may not disburse funds in an amount greater than $100 without a majority vote from the Executive Committee.

The officers of the organization shall include a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each will serve a one-year term commencing in January of each year. These officers are to be nominated by written submission to the club Secretary by November 15th of each year. Due effort will be made by the Secretary to notify the individual members of the nomination process by written means. The written results of the nominations shall be made available to the individual members and due notice given that elections will occur at a regular or special meeting in December of that year. Additional nominations from the floor may be made prior to voting at the December meeting.
Election to one or all of the offices named above requires a majority of the votes cast by those members present at the December meeting. If no member receives a majority vote, then voting will proceed for the two individuals receiving the greatest number of votes until one receives a majority. The only requirement of an officer is that he or she be a member of Black Bear Cycling aged 18 years or over. Any or all officers may be removed from office for any cause by a majority vote of the full membership of the organization. Any decision of the collective officers (the executive committee) may be overridden by a 2/3 vote of the membership present at a regular or special meeting for which due notice has been given.

THE PRESIDENT shall be responsible for the general management of the club and any duties which that may entail, including but not limited to public relations, responsibility for obtaining legal/legislative representation should the need arise, etc.
THE VICE-PRESIDENT is to assist the president in performing said duties and shall take over for the president in the president's absence. The vice-president shall also be responsible for maintaining a file of maps, formal or informal, of club rides.
THE SECRETARY shall be responsible for taking minutes at all meetings of both the executive committee and the general membership, and for assisting the president with club correspondence related to the office. The secretary shall maintain the club's website calendar. Any member may request that the secretary make public the records kept by him or her.
THE TREASURER shall be responsible for the orderly management of the funds of the club. A detailed account shall be kept of all dues and donations received and all expenditures made. Any member may request that the treasurer make public the records kept by him or her.

The executive committee shall be comprised of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and one active club member-at-large in good standing. The member-at-large shall be appointed to the executive committee by the club officers. The executive committee has the authority to appoint various advisors and additional ad-hoc committees and committee members as it deems necessary to carry on the activities of the organization.

The board of trustees for Black Bear Cycling will be comprised of past elected officers of the club. The position is voluntary and without term expiration, and is intended to provide oversight of the organization in fulfilling its guiding principles as stated in the Mission, Objectives, and Key Strategies. To this end, any modification or amendment to the bylaws as stated herein are subject to approval by a majority of active Trustees. In the event of a tie vote, the deciding vote shall be cast by the current president of Black Bear Cycling.

These bylaws may be amended by a majority of the members present at a regular or special meeting of the membership for which due notice of said proposed amendment has been given. These bylaws shall be reviewed every two (2) years, beginning with the year 2008, and at any other time it is deemed necessary by the executive committee or the membership. Members shall be provided with a complete copy of the amended bylaws at any time the bylaws are properly amended as per paragraph A of this article. A quorum shall consist of one-fourth the current membership.

Revised: January 2010