Trail Maintenance - Black Bear Cycling are Stewards of Wawaywanda SP

Location: Wawayanda State Park
Project: Trail Build
Leader: Bill - RSVP
Date: Sunday 6/11/2023
Time: 9:30 AM
Meet: Cherry Ridge near Cabin "trail" - Map.pdf - zoom 400x
Details: New Trail Build - Prune, pick up sticks, rake
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If interested, RSVP.

New Trail Build with MEVO: Sunday 6/11/2023 @ 9:30 AM. Come on out and help us rake and clear deadfall for the new trail. Bring snacks, water and sturdy shoes. Tools will be provided. Ride or hike to worksite. Distance from parking spot = approx 0.75 miles. Meet down in the hollow at the gate at the end of the paved section on Cherry Ridge Road near Cabin "trail"/woods road. Parking spot near intersection of Cabin Trail & Cherry Ridge Road.
Rain will cancel.
Check or the App; if chance of Rain is 50% or greater, we will reschedule. RSVP so we can plan for tools and bagels (and maybe some ...)

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